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 Academic pursuit in the strict of the term or as per the general perception is studying or learning on a structured format.  It is juxtaposed to having an interest in sports, music, fine arts et al.  Pursuit is an urge in search of an accomplishment beyond known boundaries, structure is the antithesis of pursuit.  Academic pursuit thus facilitates in accomplishment of our goal with latest knowledge, whatever might the field, academic or otherwise.

 The watertight compartments of academic, non-academic & professional create a confused background & mindset for one & all.  Huge of management knowledge & practice has come out of defence & other organisations outside of the traditional / conventional academic world. In the present day, immense academic pursuit is happening in research centres of multinational & other companies.  The innovative practises are created on the field by practicing academicians in the professional world.  It’s that urge which is taken a step further.

 A professional cannot be academician and vice versa is the accepted thought of the day.  The real academic pursuit is the  practitioner – academician , the two feeding into each other, to take both the fields to a different level, is the future of mankind.  A practitioner devoid of academic pursuit can never deliver his dream.  What top class lawyers & doctors do to remain afloat at the top is at the end of the day, an academic pursuit. That makes the difference between the winners & the also rans.

 Academic pursuit as a mindset, attitude and way of life should be the final product of the schools, colleges & higher educational institutions.  Academics and consequent professional knowledge would bloom all over the place.  The beginning of a professional life is the burial of academic pursuit is the biggest enemy challenging the world today . Reading, thinking, vision,  all get affected in an extremely negative manner, finding its detrimental manifestations all over.


 Sanjay Sahay

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