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Unstinted focus with the capability to work uninterrupted for long hours has the potential to deliver whatever we want is the hypothesis we have been working on since times immemorial. It has become a well proven dictum which needs no substantiation. Social media changed it all. The man and machine with immense instant communication capabilities made its way to every palm and the backend seamless IT infrastructure super genie became super robust. Nobody knows whether one is comfortable with the social media or not, humanity simply has been sucked into it.

Social media is a commercial product, mathematically crafted and operated to monetise every single interaction on the platform manifold and gain unassailable power and influence for the business enterprise through unwarranted de-facto ownership of data. The best way to achieve this is to get a near total immersion of the user. Dopamine has taken over human mind and it has now become the legendary Pied Piper story.

How much is required nobody knows? How much it benefits the user is a billion dollar question? How much social media has precedence over most of our other activities? How much of our life has moved on to it? Whatever might be the answers to these questions and however much one wants to justify there is no denying the fact that Interruption has become the Default Mode. The peace and serenity needed for most of the purposeful human activities seems to be have been lost.

A most important still for human existence, the cornerstone of real brick & mortar coupled with creativity and innovation may just be lost for most part of the humanity, the exceptional few would keep taking the humanity further. It’s time we realise the commercially created Digital Mess and find ways and means to use it gainfully. It’s usage is the main lesson to be imparted in homes, schools and colleges because a distracted mind can only deliver at subhuman levels.


Sanjay Sahay

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