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We have been talking about ransomware in its multifarious dimensions. Lots have been written about ransomware as a service – a field of super specialisation. The TOR the old favourite or Ahmia; the search engine for hidden services have been the talk of the town. On the one side there is data getting encrypted by the ransomware gangs and money is being demanded by them, on the other side we have data being traded upon in the Darknet. Given the nature of darknet and the over confidence that they data is safe, there are any number of businesses, which do not know the damage being done to their them. It clearly means that the business is being hit upon on its underbelly. Finding out whether your business data is on the darknet or not, is a business imperative today.

What is Cyber threat intelligence? The services being provided in this field which first try and find out what the status of your business with regards to the data leaks. The data stolen, by the hackers can be doubly used at these side. For example data encrypted by a ransomware attack, gives the hackers a likelihood of making money out of the crime. In the very same manner, the data put up in ”Leaked Sites” can also generate revenue. A tour of the leaked sites in a technical professional manner, can give you the first basic data health check for your organisation. The connection between hacks and its entry into ”Leaked Sites” is overwhelming. The V3 addresses need to looked into.

Ransomware group sites will also be of help. It is not the criminals of the yours, the top-class criminals of the cyber world, declare their booty for further gain in the darknet and also gain notoriety what they aspire of. Ransomware Market Sites by its very name, exemplifies what their job description is. There is a market site by the name of Industrial Spy. It talks about the three segment it has; premium, general and free. Every section has its own rules. The payments facility is also provided for; for sure it is only bitcoin. Chat facility is also provided for so many times. The quantum of data exfiltrated and real encrypted websites can be connected to here. You can also buy files and folders.

Details of files and folders, gets you into all unimaginable details, even the company does not access on a regular basis, that too with stringent with access and privileges regimen. The competitive edge which a company has can be easily compromised. The free services itself can be a killer. The exposure of this type of data either by an employee or the promotors of a company, can send a chill down your spine. It is scary picture. All businesses need to be taken through this guided tour to understand the world we live in and that there is different world lurking on you, without you having even a faintest idea of the nature of damage it can inflict. Darknet is real, more real that the real world and what we call as real business. They are in the business of destroying business in the most lethal way; the cyber crime way.

Sanjay Sahay

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