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If you some general presumption and professional logic, in all fairness you would feel that professionals of the domain will own and deliver the project. And so it has been down the line till the time IT hit the field and domain after domain realised that IT is only functioning and domain has to be submerged into it. It is easier said than done. The IT project managers landed in the arena with their technical expertise to take the world by a storm. It did not happen and the world is suffering of what the IT projects have not been able to deliver. The beauty is unlike other professionals they cannot fix it. The damage is not visible so the story of their failure camouflaged success goes unabated.

That IT is sector agnostic and it deliver anywhere and everywhere is true beyond doubt. But the product which has to be created can be done only by a professional who knows the domain reasonably well. The interface of the the domain and technology professionals, each with immense handicaps has not helped us find the best of solutions. The bottlenecks are legendary to the the frustration of the owners of the projects and the coders and co. always remain in a hurry to make a fast buck and go. With everything turning digital and time running out for them, its raining dollars all around.

We don’t have professionals coders becoming expert in domain areas, banking, finance, policing, crime investigation, counter terrorism, smart cities, integrated command and control centers and the like. With business logic and business and technology needing vertical & horizontal scalability, how far can we go. The failure of the IT projects in any domain are legendary and generic IT products are not being created in this country, where does the country go from here.

With most of the IT Industry in the non-core work, nothing more can be expected. Doing projects come last on the agenda, selling imported hardware and software is the main selling point. There are no System Integrator Project Managers. CMM 5 ends with the work order. The world is full of channel partners and outsourced agents sharing a complete not trust relationship with the IT behemoths.


Sanjay Sahay

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