JUGAAD MINDSET – Anathema in a knowledge based world

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JUGAAD MINDSET – Anathema in a knowledge based world

Circulation of thoughts seems to be the mainstay of WhatsApp, the most used social media tool, but there doesn’t seem to be any change  in the mindset of the users.  Knowledge itself is lost in a knowledge based society. Jugaad, manage somehow, somehow display manageable results, reigns supreme in the Indian psyche.  I am not denying the exceptions, which necessarily comes with the rule.

 Jugaad, intellectually & in management jargon touted as the frugal Innovation would connote only to the exception category. Jugaad mindset which is worse than jugaad itself is at blatant display all over.  Autonomy to academic institutions, if I am right, was supposed usher in a new era in Indian education, a knowledge revolution, getting freed from the shackles of universities and other regulatory authorities. What happened was diametrically opposite and professional and other institutions mushroomed to cater to this deregulation.

From the days of lack of educational infrastructure, we have reached a stage of superfluous infrastructure, being advertised in media everyday.  Earlier, the infrastructure was on jugaad mode, which is acceptable, today but for infrastructure, everything else is on jugaad mode; the management, the faculty, the students, the evaluation mechanism, the placements et al.  A business model which epitomizes travesty of merit, excellence and modern management.

Fast forward to the IT industry, no different from our brick and mortar shops, the only formula known and in circulation is of effort, time and cost calculation.  With work order in hand, the human resource hunt starts.  Lots being picked up by the wayside and branded as company employees, might be for that one particular project. Similar stories continue, tried an event management company recently and faced exactly the same fate.


Sanjay Sahay


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