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 With results of different boards & competitive exams being declared on a daily basis, their is lasting feeling amongst us all, that these youngsters are fired with the passion to achieve.  The fire in you propels you to achieve what you have aspired for. The fire has to rage all your life to be on the right course of effort & achievements.  There have been trailblazers, since the onset of such exams, whether it has remained a life long story, has been suspect.

Exams of whatever kind is an  entry point to fulfill the actual dream  rather than an end in itself. It is thus the beginning of a fulfilling career, rather than an end of a brilliant academic journey,  for a life less purposeful & less epoch making, than already traversed upon.  The milestones of professional & personal life, should be even more challenging than the stupendous success already achieved. That is the real meaning of linear progression of talent for a lifetime.

 The trailblazers of today should not become the the also rans of tomorrow and certainly not laggards in a world of exponential change.  Change is only static element in life, the earlier we understand, the better it is. No success is permanent,  you will judged by whatever you deliver on a regular basis & the growth & success trajectory you create.  It’s not a medal as in Olympics for posterity or a Noble Prize being awarded at the end of long & arduous journey in whatever field. The access & opportunity is to get into similar life courses & make change happen.  Making change happen should be synonym for a brilliant mind.

 Certainly, a moment to gloat but also a moment to reflect on what one wants to make out his life.  The ultimate satisfaction would to remain exceptionally successful till the end of the professional life  & also life’s journey.  In a learning world with earth shattering change happening at a constant pace, only such minds can deliver.  Sustain the current attitude, mindset & values and all achievements would be yours.  The nation would immensely benefit out of such Human Resources.


    Sanjay Sahay

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