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A gardener with a green hand, a speaker’s connect, an industrialist’s turn around of sick units is the knack we talk about incessantly. Knack remains as undefined as ever, the people who have it, know it; people who experience the knack, know it even better. Its genesis and its operation has never been the topic of debate or research, nonetheless, if defines our existence with finality, as nothing else can.

Put in a similar situation with the same knowledge, expertise and skill sets individuals deliver very differently, which no human formula can fathom out, is the back end process we call knack; a combination of intuition & experiment with a mental acumen; which remains beyond our comprehension. Either you have it or you don’t, there is no via media.

Going through the trials and tribulations, not banking on standard solutions, on the untrodden path, wedded to knowledge and expertise, opens up methods, of which you are the only master, is the process by which knack gets created in individuals. It’s beyond the professionalism, which is generic, whereas as knack is fully individualistic in nature, remains his intellectual and operational property all his life. It’s success project after project, situation after situation, problem after problem, gives individual the  confidence that he has developed the desired knack.

It cannot be taught, passed over or replicated. Each individual has to decipher the formula on his own and if successful, gets a feeling that he is in possession of it. It should be a relentless pursuit for professionals. Richard Branson has the knack of creating start ups and transform them into flourishing companies in wide and varied areas. The flair to connect from the ideational to the last nitty gritty and make it happen might be one of the major ingredients of knack, from a superficial point of view.It is psychology, intuition, knowledge and expertise all rolled into one and much more. It is the magical formula. It’s certainly worth a try.


    Sanjay Sahay

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