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While people can have different reasons like taking a break, reading out a paper, adding one more line to their CV, networking, dine and dance, be a part of a happening event, attendance for students & researchers, proving one’s oratorial skills etc., there is no denying the fact that Conferences, Symposiums and Workshops were created as knowledge sharing platforms and it should be used primarily for that purpose. In the public domain, such events provide the ultimate chance of knowledge sharing while the experts, researchers and professionals showcase their real worth to the outside world. The world deserves to know and benefit out of it.

It is not uncommon to find large number of lost faces in these conferences and also a regular motley mix of conference birds; the birds and conferences circulating amongst each other. The opening and closing ceremonies are undoubtedly the signature events, nonetheless they need to have a huge amount of professionalism pumped into it. It should drive home the purpose that the conference is meant only for knowledge sharing. The modalities of knowledge sharing should be worked out in a meticulous, objective and empirical manner, so that the result and impact could be clearly shown at a later stage, a blueprint of which can be showcased in the concluding function itself.

So there are two primary groups to the conference, the first one being the knowledge providers;*researchers, professionals, product developers, academicians, the integrators, the application & the tech adoption champions, innovative project managers etc and second being *the receivers, the professionals in search of solutions / answers and trying to cut the knotty issues, learning out of other’s experiences, students, start ups, govt. agencies on a learning mode and the collaborators who want to make things happen. The facilitators are the Conference Chair and Organising Committee which knows its job with clarity, how to make the conference work, create an ecosystem and extricate the deliverables out of it.

The conference though an event is not an event. If this is borne in mind then the technical sessions would become primordial, the provider – receiver connect clear, documentation / repository world class, the connects concretised, the projects visibly in the making and contours of the nascent knowledge journey would become conspicuous to all stakeholders.


Sanjay Sahay

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