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With the proficiency of the language taking a sharp dip simultaneously with the expertise becoming very structured lacking professional / operational flexibility the world is stuck up in what we call as Jargon Seize. We have reached a state where we make fun of cogent professional expression and declare it as synonymous to superfluous or flowery language without any purpose. Jargons are special words or expressions used by a profession or group that are difficult for others to understand. With interdisciplinary knowledge and its usage becoming the order of the day, the use of this word in wide and varied ways is happening primarily to take care of the incompetence scenario.

The connect of the term / jargon with the act or the process or the situation or the description is very straightforward and also happens to be the best way to describe that situation. Jargons evolve over long periods of time out of usage in the particular domain with clear cut functional and operational connection. It takes the communication to a different level and it is very easy for all concerned to understand, without being verbose.

When this language meets the ordinary, the issue of comprehension come into play. What is told is that these words are inherently incomprehensible, which is not the case. When people with no expertise in that field are mandated to handle the documentation and processes in that area, these problems are bound to arise. The forced usage of terms which are in vogue and prove yourself being conversant with the flavour of the day, creates immense operational issues.

There is no denying the fact that lots use jargons to camouflage themselves and get away with their inefficiency. They don’t know the backward connect and the ecosystem. If the people who are supposed to guide and mainly decide also belong to the same category, the life cycle of inefficiency is complete. Jargons are operational tools of professionals to understand and use.


Sanjay Sahay

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