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 Socrates taught Plato; Plato taught Aristotle; Aristotle taught Alexander the Great. Knowledge, if not passed, would have long been extinct.  Passing on knowledge to the next generation is our bounden duty.  Society in some way is responsible for the creation of that knowledge.  This activity has be performed by all who possess knowledge, worthwhile enough to be passed on to be the next generation.  This cannot be left only to the academic fraternity, thinkers & philosophers, as in the present day world, real workable knowledge is with the practitioners.  In the technology based world they have pivotal role to play in creation, dissemination & passing on knowledge to the gennext.

Knowledge in the pure form as in theories, validated facts, systems & processes are easily available in a well documented digital world, without any fear of loss.  The nuances of operations which makes all these stick together is generally an individual creation.  It can be either be on the technology or the management side or some idea or thought which could have made a worthwhile difference.  Discovering that can take a lifetime.

This knowledge would lead to  improvements in large number of areas, small & big, which in a cumulative manner can bring humungous change in the knowledge base of the society, our urge to share & use knowledge & finally the complete mind set of the society.  As is keeps adding up it gets consolidated as well. The contributions of individuals & generations add value to those have lived & gone.  Thus history too becomes rich & variegated & full of knowledge of use.

The ability to pass knowledge is directly proportional to our urge to give back to society, as we happen to be it’s creation.  We have used the repository of knowledge created thus far, for our own benefit & added to it. It needs to be passed on.  In a way, the families & societies have also to play this role. This would lead to lots of worthwhile knowledge coming into the fold of documented knowledge & get passed on.


Sanjay Sahay

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