THE LID IS OFF – The Washington Post

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THE LID IS OFF – The Washington Post  

The  Washington Post  has taken off the lid on the vaguely known saga of the  Russians trying to manipulate the American election process  propelled by a killing desire to  sabotage Hillary Clinton’s ascendency to Presidency.  Though the news has been making rounds for quite sometime; investigation & congressional committee hearings are in process, to unravel the biggest political crime of the century,  yet the details are chilling.

Being directed by none other than Putin, the potency of the tool is still to be fathomed.  The impact  it could make to the ongoing Presidential election process & the consequent democratic blame game had put Obama in a limbo.  Either way, he was doomed, public revelation, action, inaction, partial action, whatever may have been the decision.  Finally, the truth is out in the public domain for history to make a judgement on the most complicated political, technical & diplomatic imbroglio of our times.

Hacking is a different ball game in itself, supported with state power, used a  tool for democratic destabilisation, is an animal the world has not seen, experienced or heard.  To battle such an adversary is difficult in normal times & becomes next to impossible in difficult times.  Diplomacy & war both are slowly getting dependent on it.  That any action on Russia would lead to the worsening of situation by further hacking was the predicament in which Obama was caught in the last months of his presidency.

 Industrial Revolution 4.0 declares the world Cyber Physical.  The present US scenario connotes to the same thought & idea in the political, democratic & diplomatic functioning of the world.  Cyber Security is the most common denominator in everything we do & slightest laxity can lead to decimation & at the least create, an ignominy, very difficult to bear.  All our resources, effort, time & money would be wasted in damage control, yet delivering nothing.


    Sanjay Sahay

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