KNOWLEDGE / Widen or Max or both!

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KNOWLEDGE / Widen or Max or both!

 In today’s fast moving world we have to make a choice whether to widen our knowledge systematically or max the little knowledge we already have.  Trying to max the little knowledge we have already mostly outdated is creating hiccups in the exponential age. This choice is equally applicable to both academicians ( researchers ) included and the practitioners.  The ideal way out is to keep widening our knowledge and then max it and the cycle goes on and on,  as the reality is that we live in a knowledge based world which is both dynamic, real time and also real.

 We have all grown up in a world where gaining knowledge and skills precedes its usage (jobs) and then keep doing the same  with whatever we have in our kitty. It’s serves for a short duration of time and then gets outdated. We have heard students saying that the Professor is using age old notes and that the practitioner is dishing out age old solutions not in tune with latest in the field.  The young brains and the present user is not ready to be satisfied with this methodology and we have to change immediately.

 Undeniably, the foundations are in place.  But the issues is culling out present relevant information, skills and products and adding on to it in a systematic manner and deliver it to the student / user,  wherever we are placed in life.  Though it sounds simple it’s extremely difficult to put it in practice as it presupposes one of its kind regimen by all, the academician, the practitioner and also the the recipient – students / user / customer.

This needs a  paradigm shift in our thought process  that the  academician or the practitioner is all knowledgeable and his outdated concepts should perforce be accepted.  The knowledge has to be updated to present needs. This can be the only formula of success.  Not following the new knowledge world order can make us museum pieces to our own peril completely decimating our relevance.


    Sanjay Sahay


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