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 US Congressional Hearings conducted in full media glare, telecast live globally, in tune with the present day and age, reflects the strength of the democracy and transparency it has to offer.  No subject / issue is beyond them and the sheer professionalism it displays is a treat to watch and gives us insight into the nitty gritty of governmental functioning and what legislative oversight can deliver. The depths to which it can go and the level of clarity it can throw can throw up is immense.

A congressional hearing, usually open to public is conducted to obtain information/opinions on  proposed legislations, important investigations, and to evaluate/oversee the activities of the government and implementation  of Federal law. The congressional hearing on the  FBI Vs Apple case and the present one on the Russian role is manipulating American elections 2016, wire tapping of Trump  before he became the President is catching world attention it, so duly deserves.

 The FBI Vs Apple hearing laid all the issues threadbare  in the case as testified by all the stakeholders and provided clarity to the whole issue. It was able to clear the veil of confusion over the whole issue, later judicial battle has been a different story.  The concept of rule of law and what democratic institutions can really deliver was extremely well amplified.

The present congressional hearing of the wire tap allegations & the Russian interference is also going on in the right direction.  FBI and NSA Directors have been grilled to cull out information of national importance, in a black & white. The wiretap controversy this seems to have been put to rest.  The effort to delineate the Russian interference angle, though extremely complicated, was progressing with surgical precision.  Election infrastructure it seems to be accepted now as a Critical Infrastructure.  The interplay of formal investigation and legislative oversight is at the core of the modern democracies.


    Sanjay Sahay


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