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Pathbreaking developments & debates on Artificial Intelligence, AI, has been engulfing the world. Whichever way it goes, AI would be critical to our future. Learning AI is the only way to stay afloat in the Exponential Age. Though, these days, it is difficult to find a tech blog without headlines like Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, it’s a reality there are no hands on guys, who know how these technologies work. Even the app development world, likely to be impacted heavily is ignorant.

Google in recent years has repeatedly stated that its goal is to democratise AI by making AI tools available to all. To make this happen, Google launched, Learn with Google AI. Commendable, when a corporate takes up the role of a technology evangelist, in the most effective manner, of the most fascinating technology of the day. This would be the information hub, where one can, ”learn about core ML concepts, develop and hone your ML skills, and apply ML to real-world problems.” Though technical in nature, it is a free open resource, would help beginners to advance researchers.

Google has been in AI education, for sometime now, with advance projects like TensorFlow& more playful ones like cat doodles& a machine vision experiment, showcasing AI projects in more practical ways. With Learn with Google AI it takes this commitment to a different level. The ideal beginning would be widely tried and tested course Machine Learning Crash Course(MLCC). This course is based on an internal Google course for its employees, with the purpose of practical introduction to AI & Machine Learning fundamentals. Hugely successful.

The corporate’s proactive role in AI education is praiseworthy, it’s high time our professional engineering colleges get onto to this bandwagon. At least the available globally validated resources for free in the public domain can be grilled into our upcoming engineers. It has to happen now. The Indian IT industry aversion to anything moving towards the product side, R&D based, is legendary.


Sanjay Sahay

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