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Start ups have been flavour for quite sometime now. Technology entrepreneurship with at least some disruption and making it commercially viable, explains it all. Start up world is shifting towards Artificial Intelligence. From small operational nuances to solving worlds biggest problems, AI has the key. The start up has to find the key itself. What does an AI start up needs to do?

There are new AI start ups are popping out every week. To be an AI start up the first step is know as AI. You cannot create an AI solution without knowing AI. The learning sequence can be Python for Data Science, TensorFlow, intro to Deep Learning and the Math of Intelligence. Understanding Deep Learning is a must. Understanding models is extremely important, only then you develop the intuition of selecting the right one depending on the problem. Knowledge of landscape of algorithms facilitates the work. Then problem finding?

Once you have the problem on your palate, market research can come in handy; a detailed one. It’s depends on the nature of AI start up; horizontal AI Start Ups, which intent to solve fundamental problems like general natural language processing &vertical AI start up, attending to a very specific problem. Single vertical problem providing a niche AI solution is the right way to proceed. Establishing in business today is generally beyond business today. If you have establish yourself as the thought leader in the field, a blogger too, helps. Price discovery can be challenging. Pricing of the solution has to be commercially viable.

Product development has to based on the validated quality data. Or create yours if you cannot get it. There is lots of ways to go about it. Google open source TensorFlow is the tool of product creation. The functional cycle is more users, more data, smarter algorithms and finally better product and so on. Funding is crowdfunding today. Talent is difficult to find, more so the right group. A thought resonated by Steve Jobs.


Sanjay Sahay

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