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Talent, rational thinking, out of the box thinking, creativity and innovation are the buzzwords of the business / digital era; the professional life has slowly moved to filling up of templates. Template in common parlance is a format, used for generic purpose to fulfil business and personal requirements. The data so soured and / or aggregated is used for approvals / analysis and at times for creation of business strategy as well. These templates bring all users on the same page & routine mechanical data and information, gets automatic facilitation into the management process of the company. The screens of the software’s used also pertain to the same thought process.

The standardised templates dished out by the business enterprises for their sales and marketing, unfortunately, falls in the same category. The Human Resource who pushes the sales pitch, does not have anything to add. Generally, he is not very conversant to handle the material handed over to him. Sales is a hugely human to human job. With creativity lacking and unaware of contextual requirements, competing in the cut throat market, is not an easy job. The technical details of the product remains beyond his realm.

In the rigmarole of the day to day professional life, which primarily means filling up templates, software screens and formats, the user barely has any idea as to what purpose it serves. The outside connect beyond his strict job description is also unknown to him. That is know the outmoded processes continue. The value add which ought to happen, does not happen.

The training & workshops also have got onto the template mode. The most critical stakeholder; the participants, come unprepared. The quality of the resource material, if shared, does not match the changing technology landscape. The conference report finally happens on a template again. There are no backward & forward linkages. High end quality Human Resource’s cannot be created on a template.


Sanjay Sahay

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