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How much of video do you consume everyday? What percentage of it could have  been doctored?  What proportion of it has been edited? What quantum is captioned to catch your attention? Why are number of views written on the video? Why are blaring headlines added to the video? Life is slowly becoming a video game and as in the game, so in life, success or failure is decided by how you play this game. A video can make or mar a career these days, can attract attract disciplinary action and can end up in a criminal case as well.  It can give life to an agitation and also pull life out of it. The craft of video has finally bloomed and can deliver you unimaginable booty, financial and otherwise, which would be beyond anybody’s imagination.

To say we live in a video enabled world would not be an exaggeration. Either you create a video or you are part of one or you end up watching hundreds recklessly or new stories are created out of existing videos or the electronic media keeps feeding its viewers relentlessly on already recorded videos. All social media platforms provide best of technological capabilities to handle it. The fun of video came to life not because of its inherent quality or utility, but its ability to reach in no time, what we call ”went viral.” A video can criss cross the world in two hours flat. Then you have live streaming, remember the Christchurch terror attack. You would have seen even embarrassing videos, which crop up when you don’t know whether your videocam is on.

Making an impact is the name of the game and video is the reigning king. Think of any recent success and in each of those, videos would have played a prominent role. The strength of this medium is both in craftiness and cunningness. You can literally run a tv channel,  without going anywhere or preferably only to soft areas and by doing soft journalistic tasks. Fury on this medium will do the trick. You still give an impact of the most fair, sincere, hardworking and the most caring to your audience. Nothing can be farther from  truth. This is the reason why you have hordes of channels depending on the geography and the nature of issues to be covered, huddle together.

YouTube singlehandedly facilitated to make video as the Czar of the media and today it reigns supreme. Seeing the growing craze, everyone has jumped on the bandwagon. There is big business and an earning model linked to it. Depending on followers and the views you attract, you become an influencer. A coveted position in the digital age. The views also gets you money, *YouTube is the most successful model in this area. The advertiser gets the eyeballs.* And that too relevant ones. You can make videos where you are paid for the products you talk about.  Dr. Ali Abdaal, a young doctor in UK earns more out of YouTube videos, than his salary. A new concept what is known as *Passive Income.


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