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Life is a political decision and so is death, it seems. The fall out of political decisions are so far reaching that the ones who decide are even not aware of it. What they see is only what can be seen. Behind the scenes, machinations of human existence, of avarice, greed, revenge, tribalism, vested interest, cold blooded greed for power remains uncovered. When the real situation goes out of control, nobody knows what to do with it. We have all gone through the nightmare of political decisions leading to the second wave, the unlucky ones have not survived to see life beyond it. In another extreme which should shake the soul of the world is the blaring headline, ”People clinging to jets leaving Kabul airport have fallen to death.”
The foresight of politics is not even good enough hindsight for the world. United Nations at 76 has no methodology to prevent the situation from reaching wherever it did, in Afghanistan. Peacekeeping is one core pillar of the United Nations and it has been in this trade since May 1948. Has it not gained enough foresight, understanding of the fast deteriorating situations in global hotspots and create a preventive peace keeping strategy and get into operations which are decisive. Or is it committed to peace keeping operations in the broad process of transition and rebuilding. The understanding then is you will have to wait for the demolition to happen first.
Has the last twenty years been enough to forget what the Taliban can do to the world? Or the politics of the day has turned a blind eye for whatever reasons in a large number of countries of the world. Who knows some sort of Afghanistan fatigue seems to have set in across the globe? Taliban has been a lethal pandemic which cannot be controlled by any lockdowns to travel restrictions. The ugly age of terror seems to have been forgotten a bit too fast. What has been the goal, that with the change in governments and political temperatures in a few countries, a whole country can be allowed to rot. Even if one is not bothered about the plight of that country, is the world not bothered about its own safety and security. Who will guarantee that in a Taliban ruled Afghanistan would be not a safe haven for all terror outfits and will not export terror to the rest of the world, at will.
These are all political decisions, which decide the contours of our future. When nemesis unfolds we will have a different set of politicians, what can you do with them at that point of time. Has the world not been able to make the strength of  democratic transition being led by the western powers or the hollowness of it?* Or was it known that the democratic government established would fall even worse than a pack of cards. *Who was keeping a tab on the real political situation? Either the country has been pushed into a wildfire or nobody had any idea of what was happening in that country, with huge international presence of every kind there. Did anybody know that democracy was not even skin deep? The most intriguing part has been the capacity building of the armed forces, which shamelessly dissipated at the first onslaught of the opposition.
Sanjay Sahay

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