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Does one’s life gets limited to SOPs, office rules , work flows and official conduct and mannerisms? Does the knowledge repository of the world gets disabled the day you get a job? Is debating in colleges the be all and end all of speaking? How do different varieties of people entering any profession start behaving like robots? Does your progressive knowledge assimilation reflect in your work, life and conduct? Can you engage with the world? If answer to most of these questions are in affirmative NO, you seem to have lost the race ahead. The sharpness of best of the lawyers comes out of reading, writing and speaking, might be that is reason why they command the highest professional fees. The three combined are your Knowledge Quotient.

Do you a need a dynamic Knowledge Quotient? Will in the age of automation and AI, all that you need to acquire to remain aloft can be a mixture of reading, writing and speaking. This certainly presupposes skilling as well. Non-fiction reading is abhorring. Newspapers, magazines and now WhatsApp are the only acceptable modes. What can gained out of these in your profession, you can decide for yourself. Reading beyond textbooks have rarely been practiced, which explains the lack of your usability anywhere. Having gotten a chance to make amends to your existence, you decided to forgo. Reading is the fuel to your existence.At the time of job loss who will the first to go when basic job skills everybody knows, is the person who can contribute the least. The persons whose known capabilities are reading, writing and professional speaking will be the last to be fired.

This is for a reason because his contribution would be humungous because of wide and varied capabilities. If you talk of the books read and how you have used that knowledge in your professional and personal life, makes your stand out. You are what you read. Decode reading to encode life. How many times have you struggled to write an official mail, leave aside reports, proposals, tech / pro documents, even a ppt? Has it effortlessly flown from the mind to the laptop screen through your fingers on a seamless keyboard. Life is so interesting if it happens that way. Any profession finds peace in such writing. You are remembered for what you write as a professional. Innovation and creativity are initiated through writings and not end with it. The tech and content writers existence is your failure. You can also add value to the public domain.

When you can’t read and write to the highest levels, your profession demands, you can barely call yourself semi-literate. Speaking in a team meeting or in front of the board, it is only this capability that can pull you through. Your narrative here is your professional excellence. You would be remembered for pulling off the impossible every time you speak. A lawyer can put the trial on fire, but the professional needs it day in day out in all interactions, big and small. Knowledge and expertise based relevant speaking with a clear narrative can add charisma to your professional persona, a rarity. If it does happen, you are the killer. From marketing to teaching to preaching to leading, you can excel anywhere. What a world, what a life with barely any reading, writing and worthwhile speaking!


Sanjay Sahay

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