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Given the current corporate / consumer ecosystem either one is busy making lofty claims or dismantling it. The businesses in that particular trade / product gets into a competition of making better claims and the unhealthy battle rages on. Lofty claims battle has become a smokescreen for everything we do, everything that is sold, for every employment and at the saddest level in the tonnes of social media messaging.

If all the lofty claims were to be true, we would have been living in a fairy land. If all were to be dismantled to make the harsh facts visible, might be that also we would not be able to digest. This is the world we live in. There has been a slow and gradual degradation of our existence from having lofty ideals to lofty claims. Instead of achieving the lofty ideals through hard work over a long period of time, this provides the easy way out. The homes are the starting point of this exercise when toddlers start getting undue attention and praise for literally doing nothing worthwhile.

It doesn’t stop there. The tall claims made by every single school and huge hoardings of their student toppers can put the Oxfords and the Stanfords to shame. The outrageous claims are lapped from infrastructure to multiple intelligences for the parents to realise much later as to what all these actually mean. The professional colleges are much worse off, their lofty claims have reached a level where they can barely differentiate between the credentials of a golf cart and an engineer.

NGOs who were to belong to the extraordinary have fallen for this trade in a big way. There are organisations who claim to deliver failsafe cyber security to communal harmony. On the lighter note, the lofty claims have been going the Fair & Lovely way. We are on the descent mode while the claims are becoming loftier. The earlier we arrest this trend the healthier it is for our society, economy and polity.


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