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When technology meets management today leading to disruption it is nearly always through the aggregator mode. The biggest success stories from Uber to Airbnb to Wikipedia to; its all aggregation of different types. The creator of the software becomes the owner & the controller & others join on his conditions. It is euphemistically called by some as creative monopoly. Whatever might be the sector, nature & size of the enterprise, some or other consultant will gain entry in whatever name; audit, evaluation, due diligence, certification and the like.

In this burgeoning enterprise it’s windfall profits with few regulatory controls. The Big Four have fun globally. By design, default or manipulation, consultancy has not got into the aggregator mode. It remains the most opaque of the trades in an increasingly transparent environment. You are supposed to commit everything in the name of the brand. Their websites & public communication reveal nothing at all, not even basic pricing. Open market does not know their rates. What demand & supply, what capitalism & what democracy; which values do they follow & to what measure.

Bringing Management Consultancy to the aggregator mode will bring in quality, timelines, competent human resources, competitive rates, transparency, probity, ownership & accountability to this intellect / competency driven leading industry. As initiators & drivers of projects, it would have the capability to changing the project execution scenario. Project execution can become one of their critical tasks.

The trend has to begin. An aggregator has to appear on the horizon. It would bring all types of consultants on the same platform; individuals, freelancers, researchers, academic institutions, scientists, consultancy organizations – validated & rated on the same format. They can be compared on large number of fields. The types of work with the rates would be defined. It can be from discussing on a call to a concept paper to the package of a whole project, end to end. Technology will facilitate customer to be in full control of the consultancy engagement. A much fairer system would evolve.


Sanjay Sahay

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