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Under the behemoth software, the world runs. Apple to Google to Microsoft, from operating systems to office automation, they broadly decide what the world will use today. In hindsight, we are forced to accept that their software products would have been that worth to gain worldwide acceptability. Below these giant monopolies are endless softwares; small & big, competing in different sectors / geographies. Beyond the companies being legally registered, what do we know of the unknown software products?

Before we start rating the softwares on wide & varied parameters, there is need of a rating agency & a system which rates a software company’s capability. As we rate colleges & do due diligence for mergers & for equity funding, we need this well researched findings. The parameters of software capability rating of a company should not be extremely difficult; two main parameters being the availability of quality software engineers and the track record of software products developed. A matrix is needed for this purpose. Slowly it can become an important tool both for the software companies having a demonstrated capability and customers looking for the same.

It is an irony of our times that even for a small software the discovery has to be done again & again. From product specification to technical evaluation to final work order. Nobody is sure of the best deal; the company & the software both. What the company discloses final! Whichever few companies bid, for you, it is the IT world for you. The consultant is also in the discovery mode. Nobody knows the software product & it’s pricing. With all the efforts made, many times it’s a wrong discovery.

For all known COTS; Commercially Off The Shelf Products, IT rating should be as per user requirements, by a reputed agency & an established process. This market needs to be regulated & this can a good beginning. We have to move ahead from the un understandable effort & cost calculation. Customers only right is to unwillingly pay & manage with whatever is delivered.


Sanjay Sahay

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