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Management as an amalgam of different disciplines was to deliver managed institutions. The functioning of managed institutions this would be rational, objective, goal oriented and serving a clear purpose. This is the conceptualisation of modern management, as per it’s founder Peter Drucker. Every time management transformed into business and running its enterprise. Management thoughts where transformed into management literature and further on to methodology, frameworks, matrices & indices.

Whatever organisation or enterprise you are in, every employee talks about Management Process. This is the interface of an employee with the broad management of the company, where process after process collate to finally deliver the enterprise. This is the tangible process workflow to achieve the goal. These processes were well thought out to start with and presumably fitting the exact requirements of a particular enterprise. Every human resource was aware of both the process and the final goal.

The utility of the management process made it ubiquitous. It transgressed the boundaries of business enterprises and found its way into every single enterprise; from a NGO to a research project. When the tangible results are unknown, difficult to achieve or to be camouflaged, the process is manifested as the deliverable. Nobody knows the genesis of it, though this thought has become quite a prevalent one and most of the employees at the cutting edge level are busy filling up the process.

The onset of the digital age crystallized these processes and end to end softwares started managing the processes. The standards and processes got generic and in lots of sectors and activities, got global reach. The world believed it to be the panacea of all ills. Complexity of processes and reporting was declared as success in itself. The process which should be dynamic and ever changing seems to have been fossilized. Large number of enterprises mostly small and medium sized seem to have got lost in the maze of processes. Management consultants have added their might to make it messier.


Sanjay Sahay

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