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World Economic Forum brings to the centre-stage the economic agenda of the world, discusses the risks and tries to work out a roadmap, albeit, theoretically. Cyber attacks and data fraud or theft are listed in the top five of the World Economic Forum’s 14th edition of “Global Risks Report 2019.” Given the all pervasive use of digital technology and world moving on to the cloud, in real terms it is the number one risk. It has the potential of completely decimating an individual or an enterprise and debilitating a country. Beyond Davos, on the other side of the globe, in Hong kong, Check Point CEO was advising companies to be prepared for mega cyber breaches.

Massive attacks have been the order of the day 2018 but what would ensue would be radically different. Mass breaches in the new technology era, Gil Shwed, Check Point CEO said, “large scale and fast moving technologies, Cloud and on premise networks, 5th Generation cyber attacks have increased over the past one year, impacting more companies than ever before.” As per him cyber risks have intensified both on parameters of their prevalence and disruptive potential. It would be a surprising revelation that most of our companies today are generally protected for only Gen 2 & Gen 3 viruses.

The scenario is really intriguing. CEO Check Point elaborated that the security ‘generation gap’ needs to bridged as much as possible, lest the situation will not only continue, it is bound to increase. What is thus required is deploying security infrastructures. These infrastructures should be a combination of real time threat assessment, shared intelligence and the most advancement security. It has to happen across all entertprise environments.

The need is to be future ready. Companies still work detecting the fraud mindset. By the time a breach is detected it takes 5 to 6 months by industry standards. The critical issue is that the damage is already done. The enterprise has to be protected before the event of such an event. “A good malware can breach critical data in a matter of minutes and shut down the networks in seconds.” Gen VI of Cyber Security can only meet these challenges. Security has to be on every device, application or network and cloud level security platforms can only protect hyper – connected, hyperscale world.


Sanjay Sahay

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