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Business Case Studies are created by undertaking immense amount of research; objective & empirical, with neat constructs, matrix and learning emanating out of it. This is the way Business Case Studies gained prominence in Business education and today it has become its primary tools. The concept of project work in a way finds its genesis in the business case study. In this manner, experiential learning gets pushed to the students in an indirect manner. Experiential learning stands tall in business education today and in reality it is just next to doing it yourself. That gap will remain permanently. Nonetheless, with these tools the journey of the practitioner would certainly become simpler.

While learning and knowledge assimilation is essential to become industry or employment ready, this management education regimen is not found in other sectors. And so is the difference in delivery as well, right at the first job itself. Standard conventional theoretical education is generally imparted and you are right there on the job to struggle. With the largest employment held by the government, do we have Governance Case Studies? Do we need it? Will a successful model of NREGA in one part not help in other part of the country? Is there no need for the successful innovative models to trickle down? The learnings can be immense and useable repository of this nature would bring down administrative cost and drudgery to a considerable level. Available tested resource material can do magic to any system.

Media stands as an outside custodian to the three main pillars of democracy and the only one which does not have detailed rules and laws for its functioning. Given its predicament and necessity, there is dire need to create Media Case Studies, which will give insights to journalism students to understand its complex world and to begin with, know for sure, what they should not do. What are Zero Tolerance professional habits and activities? What is the conduct that is expected out of them? What is propriety? And that everything that is told by the company is not a diktat. There is a world for an individual journalist and they make the profession & trade and not the company.

Few Media Case Studies will itself clarify most of these matters. News of the World saga; tried, tested, investigated and convicted. Five years of murky deals and 7/8 years of inquiry / investigation and trial. What editorial liability is would become very clear. No textbook can teach you this delicate skill and art. And also the Editor Managers of today’s Indian TV Channels, who are made to believe that they are not in the business of news but to transform news into business. From TRP to turn over is their story. What a tragedy! If we were to have hundreds of Media Case Studies for students and it’s learnings imparted the way it should, the DNA of India media is bound to change. Journalism & mass communication education needs a paradigm shift and code of conduct for TV channels and journalists harsher than the law.


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