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Lust for power and biting the dust are two sides of the same coin. Undoubtedly, the world is not ready to believe it. The net result is that history keeps on repeating itself. And as the adage goes, people who don’t respect history, history does not respect them either, putting them where need to be finally, i.e. the dustbin of history. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. But if that power comes from illegal means, corrupt practices and blatantly unethical actions, it can be even more damaging, sufficient enough to decimate a system. In the political and the armed forces, we have examples of misuse and coups.

The media also tried its luck with power. The capability of journalism have brought some to limelight and remained so for long many years. Certainly, there is inherent power in it. Sometimes, some try to gain power and more so money and with it capability to blackmail, the other way round. In the process there are hapless victims impacted, what they term as investigative journalism and are not ready to reveal the sources, when the suspicion on their news stories warrants to. The air needs to be cleared. It is decided beyond doubt the world over, that once criminal investigation starts, all the source business has no legal meaning or validity. The source can also be hacking.

This is story of the News of the World, the largest selling English newspaper in the world, which indulged ”in phone hacking, police bribery and exercising improper influence in the pursuit of power.” Tragically, the now defunct newspaper was owned by the biggest global media baron of all times, Rupert Murdock, who is also euphemistically known as the man owns the news. It was not one, two or few hacks, it went on for five years, shattering all norms of decency, legality and propriety. The main action was conducted from a war room, where the operations happened in a military grade manner. There were victims who were hacked for over 150 times. The royal family was also not spared. The reckless manner and having a shameless finger in every big story, are what traitors of their own professions are made of.

Convictions happened large scale, 168 years old newspaper closed down, with the last edition 8 million sale and the office building razed to dust. This should be taught as Media Case Study in Journalism & Mass Communication schools. At least you should know, what you cannot do, whatever come may. Its 2020, fifteen years since it all started in London. In a different geography now. From the print, it is the electronic media now. Owning / churning / creating news has become more fashionable. From voice hacking to false witnesses. Hiding behind sources. Payment of sources for criminal action remains a criminal offence. Privacy blasted into smithereens and victims dying for cover. Encryption is of no value. Own your own TRP has been up and running. Decide your own investigative agency seems to be next block buster.


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