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If you try to use your ever discerning eyes on professionals / employees of all types trying to fathom out if they have been using their talent, knowledge and expertise to the fullest potential, the clear cut answer is that the vast majority of these people do not make the cut. This is a country which is highly inspirational and is on the cusp of becoming a world technology leader and superpower. The transformation in large number of cases from academic excellence to professional mediocrity is best amplified by the phenomenon called Mediocrity by Choice.

The attitude can termed as ”This much is enough,” there is no need for making any more effort. And second refrain is what do I get out of it? The assembly line concept of cost benefit analysis gets ingrained so fast into Indian minds, that it so difficult to believe that the same lot in the younger years was dying for academic excellence at least, if not knowledge. The Jugaad as a culture and also as a methodology seems to be by driven by the attitude of Mediocrity by Choice.

Mediocrity by Choice mind is busy in skewed planning and crooked strategy. This is often manifested by the lack of professional culture and total lack of healthy competition. Organisation and after organisation, the only topic discussed all over is how some blue eyed boys have made to the top without the element in them. Instead of contempt for them, the rest of the crowd also starts to replicate these great behavioural traits, completely finishing the work culture.

On entering the professional world is the time to practice excellence learned in the great academic institutions of this country. The best employer competitions apart, where do we find the work culture of excellence both in academics and practice – the ideal combination of the types we find in DeepMind. There is no loss or punishment for Mediocrity by Choice, conversely, it’s generally rewarded. The professionals who felt that they can get into the excellence mode, whenever they would love to, finally realise that they have lost the art.


Sanjay Sahay

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