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Mental Baggage is the creation of your upbringing, social interactions, the ecosystem, individual experiences, reading and all the you pick from school / college environment. It transforms into a mental imprint which comes in way of a liberal thought process, growth mindset and capability to align with the fast changing complex modern technological world. The capability to think, rethink, learn, respond and act at pace, is lost. This is sine qua non of today’s existence.

This is the capability we aspire of. This is capability that will deliver. Come up with any new scenario you are thrown in, your mental baggage comes into play. While the whole nation talks of flexible, dynamic, ever changing mindset, the reality would be crystal clear if you see the people around you. Are they not ideal specimens of mental baggage? Don’t you see the same mental frames which we saw during the days Maruti 800 and the electronics age even with the onset of Artificial Intelligence.

The adoption of technology is directly proportional the quantum of mental baggage you carry. The social baggage and a all knowing feeling of yesteryears is clear cut dampener to even appreciating emerging technology world leave aside understanding and accepting it. The planning and execution comes at a much later stage. They say we live in the technology and society of the 21st century, the institutions of the 20th century and mindset of the 19th century. This is what mental baggage is all about.

Coming up with proclamations of what you don’t believe in and getting away with it, is a part of the same baggage. The mental baggage that you can manage in any situation, the Jugaad way, is going to end round the corner. That optimism alone would pull you through is not going to happen any more. Feudal mindset with branded clothes is the true depiction of the state we are in. If we could only discover the truth, understand and start speaking about it, it would usher in the biggest revolution India has even experienced.


Sanjay Sahay

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