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These are the men out there in the middle, unseen & unheard, playing no official role, nonetheless, become critical to the transaction. This has the capability to vitiate the whole process. The business has been has so pervasive that it has created a whole class of middlemen, thriving & prospering. They have fixed cricket matches to defence deals as the history shows us.

Besides, the professionals dedicated full time for this cause, we have loads of professionals who double up as middle men for a price. From a driving license to a medical seat, they are out there selling their expertise. They have found a place in the Indian psyche itself, that one looks for them when faced with such a situation. You ask anybody how to approach such an issue, he will be able to give you reference of a few persons, who will be able to deliver.

The famous deals have by now become part of our folklore. Such deals changed the course of India’s political history & have been bandied around even after decades, to prove or disprove a point. Nonetheless, they have existed in some form or the other. Only transparency can give a body blow to this enterprise.

Unfortunately, the educational system has also not remained untouched. From a school to a medical college seat & even exams, India is replete with such examples. One medical college case rose into prominence recently. While some face the music vast majority continue their trade unashamedly. Some even take the form of lobbyists etc to get things done for a price.

While the mechanism to control them works in silos, they are extremely well connected with each other& with the interfaces necessary for their sustenance. Their sharing of intelligence & updates seems to have reached near perfection. They also use technology to the best of their advantage. It’s a sad commentary of our times that most believe the work can happen only with their assistance. Technology can play a critical role in reversing this tide.


Sanjay Sahay

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