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We have improved economic prosperity but during this period lots of individuals, business enterprises, govts, NGOs, have also lost credibility. Credibility provides sustainability to this ecosystem, makes it self propelling and creates the real ease of business & governance. Credible system has to be built over values; fairness, transparency, probity, merit, predictability and like, a result of years of testing and coming out unscathed.

Rule of law is work upon. What is it’s credibility across the system. When doubt & suspicion evaporates on decades of empirical / objective testing, feeling & experiencing, its credibility. The strength of values, infrastructure, Human Resource, system , processes & delivery consistently over a period of time delivers credibility. The examples of Google & present day Infosys will drive the example home with clarity. Dr. Kurien & Amul is also a case in point. Achieving credibility is the pinnacle of personal & institutional glory.

Credibility cannot be equated with a brand building exercise or even the creation of a successful brand. The ”quality of being believable or worthy of trust,” has to get attached to it, on a sustainable basis. Making brands is one story creating enduring credible institutions & business entities is a totally different ball game. We have to be ready for the long haul, most of the times the gestation period is not known. When fast buck & even faster results rule the roost, we are heading in the opposite direction.

How many times has credibility crossed your minds in the recent past? Do you posses credibility? And your organisation? Credibility doesn’t figure in our day to day discussion & narrative, when all our efforts have to move in that direction. Lack of credibility has left us in a defenceless situation spending all our time, energy & good amount of money in defending & explaining. Still it does not happen. Can we be successful when persons & institutions are losing credibility at an alarming pace? We don’t get alarmed.


Sanjay Sahay

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