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“Jugaad” has been the flavour of India, euphemistically called as Frugal Innovation in business school parlance. But in knowledge, frugal doesn’t work, it can lead you to: from suboptimal performance to outright disaster, depending sector / project & time. The small repository of daily skill gets validated, what about the add-ons required, upgrades & the requisite connects required for positive impact. Surging ahead in today’s professional world, consolidation / validation of knowledge is a must.

While all of us claim to move ahead in knowledge acquisition, in realty nothing much happens. You might add a few certifications. The only way to consolidate & validate knowledge is either writing on it or speaking to an audience. Our teachers wanted to use writing as a knowledge tool. Even the academicians do the mandatory writing & nothing beyond it. When you want to get away with the least of writing, what would be your reading / research.

Speaking is another activity that helps to achieve the goal. The academicians spending the best part of their life doing it, should have been the best performers, but that is not the case. The students could have given yeomen support in their academic pursuit & in the process, they would have picked up this life saving art for good. A dull & drab exposition or at the max a little up grade is max you can expect.

In a template based world nobody wants to write. Writing helps in backend reading, interacting, assimilation and then creating a narrative. Put it in the professional or the public domain & enjoy the validation. The meticulously calibrated articles by academia & similarly created reports by professionals, does not serve this purpose. Wedded to communications in the communication age, speaking in professional / public domain provides validation & consequently one of kind confidence. Short term gains rule. Knowledge & expression fructify communication.


Sanjay Sahay

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