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The world today has broadly got divided into  digital illiterates ; though impacted by digital change,  manageably literate ; able to manage the digital world & the  millennials ; a generation which has been born in the digital world & can handle the digital world at ease.  May be they are not able to respond to the physical & the social world in the manner the earlier generation did.  To be precise we live in a transformational world & may be in a flux, waiting for a new matrix of life to emerge.

Millennials are born between 1980 &  1994, some stretch to the year 2000.   Generally, presumed to be in age group of 20 to 35 & redefining the rules of the game, a distinctive group on its own.  Well, are you one of them. They are known by some other names, some are cool like  Generation Y  & unflattering ones like Echo Boomers, Gen Next, for sure as Facebookers and MySpacers. Millennials having  experienced more disruptions & paradigm shifts  in two or three decades in comparison to few hundred years, cumulative before that.

 Millennials are unique.  Born into & have grown up in times when science & technology products, services & solutions have changed our lives. Their life’s  perspective is through the digital lens,  being extremely comfortable with digitalisation, mobility, social media, cloud computing, Big Data and beyond. They take onto ever changing technology as fish takes to water.  This facet of their life is treated as their brilliance by the earlier generation.

Parenting also changed considerably for this generation, when  cajoling took the place of strict discipline & taskmasters approach,  of the yesteryears.  Instant gratification  of the digital medium became their mindset. The  rough & tumble of the real world is radically different.  Everything has a gestation period, the  journey arduous  has to dawn on them. They have a  unique world view of employers  as well.  The equilibrium has to happen.


    Sanjay Sahay

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