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Are the elected representatives elected to be found missing in action? Each one of them are elected by a large chunk of the population and they are to be in action for their welfare / benefit and others causes, roles and responsibilities they are legally mandated to fulfil. They keep singing peans of public service but when real issues crop up, it would be difficult to find them around. Their regular appearances and activities we have become a familiar with. Earlier they were forced to be present in some situations but they have now shamelessly they have decided to keep away from whatever they want to be part of, however much grave and grim it might be.

They are happy with anybody else taking up responsibility, which they should have shouldered and never feel ashamed of it. Before getting into the gorier misses, the miss they give to their main role as the elected members of the parliament or the state legislatures. How many members speak in the first place? Of the ones who speak how many have made any difference to the bills or any other discourse that takes place within the precincts of the legislatures. And what about the ones who don’t speak at all? Democracy is not successfully taking care of herd call elected representatives. The present level of law making and the law has been their singular negative contribution. This means they are there to should slogans and boycott.

More importantly, they are numbers and numbers deliver in democracy, that is our fate. Coming to the ground realities, in a law-and-order situation, they would be found missing, the clout they claim amongst their constituents is nowhere to be seen. Most of them are just averse to even visiting such riot torn / crisis torn places, leave aside being a part of any negotiation, problem solving engagements, or any activity which would have a positive impact. There are many a times, the genesis of the troubles wades back to them, directly or indirectly. The law and order / riot types cases, they declare as political cases later, by whatever means. State governments then withdraw such cases, whenever they get a chance. Missing or participation of a nefarious kind seems to be the accepted norm.

When the voice of the nation in pain takes the shape of a movement, they try to be as far they can be. At times the organizations who understand them, keep them at a distance. We can think of the farmers agitation against the farm laws, and it would make the point amply clear. The champion wrestlers’ case /agitation would further prove the point. Not only were they found missing in action, given a chance they would have taken over and directed the agitation, protest, movement, the way they want. They can even turn a blind eye to an extent that you would feel such criminal acts did not happen in the first place. Manipur is a glaring example. If the elected representatives descend on any place at time of crisis, in the same manner they do for electioneering, the scarred face of the country would change in no time. Time to change for the elected to behave and act in the interest of their constituents.

Sanjay Sahay

Have a nice evening.

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