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Democracy is the urge of all stakeholders to structure and grow on a rationally accepted path to achieve the basic essentials for every human and then proceed further for achieving higher goals. Democracies being of the people, for the people and by the people cannot possibly have any prerequisite. Fear, bickering, partisan thought process and consequent action is the anti-thesis of democracy. Every democratic govt. across the face of this earth represents every single citizen of the country and is accountable for it. War based on constituents and support should cease other exists as the governments get created.

But that is not the case. The just ending longest government shutdown in US history is a case in point. The ghost is still living and can even strike back again with a vengeance. It can even be an emergency. Imaginary ideas like the wall and audacity to take it further against common will cannot be termed as democratic use of power. This is not notwithstanding 8,00,000 federa workers on duty and not paid. This cannot be popular will. It is a nation under seize. Can the very same immense democratic powers gotten out of popular will be used for their subversion? Stalemates cannot be the order of the day.

Across the Atlantic, UK, went through a referendum two and a half years back, popularly known as BREXIT the world ever. Britain decided to move out European Union, which it has been a member since 1973. Intentional disinformation is alleged to have played a role in the final outcome. Slightly over two and half years would have been enough to sort out the disengagement. But what happened was long excruciating discussions coming to stalemate. With PM’s proposed plan voted out recently, NO BREXIT is slowly becoming a reality. Might be, politics of BREXIT, is the winner, where not finding solution has been the formula.

Today, UK, has been under seize, not sure where what would unfold for once the most powerful nation of the world. The mother of all democracies. And so is the state of affairs of so many democracies / democratic governments all over. Is getting seized is the default state? Democracy is in crisis, it needs the assistance of right thinking democratic citizens from all walks of life all over the globe. Inbuilt resilience only can be the biggest strength of democracies and as a corollary of nation states.


Sanjay Sahay

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