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From the onset of personal computers, the dependency on personal gadgets have increase manifold. You are known by the gadget you keep, seems to be the adage. There is a maddening race for coming out successful, to be know as tech savvy. Is owning latest gadgets tantamount to being tech savvy? If we were to use even 50% of what these gadgets have to offer, every individual would have become an enviable professional by now. Providing gadgets is the responsibility of the parents and later companies, their fullest potential being used is not their concern. As long as the barest minimum is met, the performance of the utility and the professional is declared to be fully successful.

Checking the storage and break up of time spent for different purposes on the most favorite gadget of mankind, will give a fair idea as to what we derive from the wonder supercomputer in our hand. How much pertains to knowledge /pure professional requirements and what’s the spend on the menace of century, i.e. Social Media. Do we use out gadgets for crude and flimsy communication or valuable in-depth work, which any system is fit to generate today, provided you have the acumen to use it.

Have we reached a stage where the gadgets are taken over; what they intent out of us rather the other way round! How many of even get into settings in detail and know precisely what we are doing out of the gadget? Having something in hand 24/7 with that nature of computational power and connectivity, can only be termed as extremely risky or proactively dangerous. These gadgets are not required for the work you put them too and benefits we derive from them.

How much have we gained from the most basic utility of spell check / grammar check? We have lost the language. It has gone to the extent, that we hear of some arguments that English language in the present format, is not required. Handicapped to say the least. The spoken language takes it’s toll. This is the case with nearly all the utilities, but for Whatsapp, pics and videos. Every man has become a photographer and every phone a studio. The gadgets are not improving the quality of work, at least in this part of the globe, comprehensively, has been able to take out focus out of life. The gadgets and templates themselves have become delivery.


Sanjay Sahay

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