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Education as the transformative and possibly the best investment is no more a matter of debate. Countries, societies and businesses and so has the face of this earth changed in a magical way because of this enablement. Since it’s structured and linear progression being established, it has become the panacea to all human issues & problems. It’s gap is the challenge which societies face. As individuals, society and nation are we education enabled? What does it actually mean?

Educational enablement means the knowledge, skills and capabilities inclusive of social skills to seamlessly move into professional life. The little value adds would add on the completed academic career in a seamless manner. The larger the gap, lesser is the effectiveness of the educational system. At times it can reach the stage of disablement, where the educational system makes you unfit for the desired job / goal which it promised to provide. The engineering education in so many cases have reached to such pathetic levels of disablement. The more the society has faith in half baked degrees, lesser are the chances of it being education enabled.

Education enabled has it’s first manifestation in reading, which can be safely translated into a human being’s capability to comprehend and possibly assimilate. The levels might be different depending on the enablement. How many of us practice this skill after the close of our academic careers. The second trait is writing. Nearly every job needs this skill someway or the other. From a proposal to a PPT to a lawyer’s summation. It’s unfortunate that at times people even in the academic field fail to have this enablement. This is the core of the communication, establishes you once and for all. Professional speaking or calibrated and curated gift of the gab is the killer element. This can make your the darling of the professional world.

Facts based work; data driven and measurable can also mean pursuit of truth in a way. The professional education enables for the nature of job the students intends to pursue. This is the academics job connect. How many pursue last degree as their profession. Lesser the number lesser is the enablement. Add human values enabled education system and then it’s complete. Does it happen?


Sanjay Sahay

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