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If every individual or a majority meant what they talked, the world would have been bereft of most of the complications. Maximum amount of time of the world is spent in deciphering things talked about in the same language, in the same context and also in the same geography. When meaning got disconnected with what you talked has no historical date, but given the growing complexity of human nature in the modern times, the genesis might not be very old. Modern world has experts doing this job and there are equally big experts teaching how to talk.

Presumably, there is prescribed format in which one has to talk in a given context; organizations, families et al. Expressing in a manner which is easily and clearly, understandable, talk exactly as it means, is taught only in Communication classes. They also don’t practice it. This is the art of deception, which is being taught in homes, professional organizations, societies and nearly all human settings. The biggest target undeniably is the customer, who is talked into things, he would never get, which also means the comfort level promised.

Some want to be politically right and others want to be practical. Between the two, the connect between the talk and meaning is completely lost. The lingo, tenor and mode of delivery is dictated by the organization one belongs to and it also gives us a fair idea as to what they intend to communicate. One thing is for sure, it all about grandstanding, the intention is to communicate in a camouflaged manner, rather than connect the talk with the popularly percieved meaning.

When talk, not mean, becomes the order of the day, it can be termed as the unseen anarchy. When everything seems to be happening on the face of it, in reality nothing moves. Things work at cross purposes. Advertising mostly, is one prime example and so are the talk shows. Nothing connects to anything. Trust goes out of the system. The next stage being lying, becoming fakes and living in a world where everyone is desperate to outsmart the other, with no purpose being served at the end of the day.


Sanjay Sahay

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