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AI has already become the flavour of the day, the research shows it is in a nascent stage, but the hype gives a different feeling, as if we have already been taken over by AI. Artificial Intelligence is at differential levels in different areas and its output is a fine blend of research and application in a interactive manner to produce transformative results. The utility of the output depends on the organisations involved in the development; both the technologist and the domain experts and the nature and quantum of data, approach to the problem statement and the AI tools used.

Given this scenario and time running out, it is time that we have multi-organisational National Artificial Intelligence Application Center, NAIAC, at the earliest. As the capability and skills are not available in one organisation, depending on our major requirements and the biggest problem statements amongst those will throw up the main contours of the organisation. The skills and technologies being brought by different stakeholders would be fully complementary to each other and shall meet a large part of the functional requirements drawn up for the organisation.

It’s beyond PPP, anybody and any organisation needed for this mission has to be roped in. At the helm should be a tech institution builder with a mercenary zeal who can foresee the results. If you, your team and organisation can foresee the results, the zeal, the effort and capability to achieve increases immensely. AI application is itself a huge research in itself, run of the mill techies claiming to deliver AI may not be any use. Even with all the efforts made, there might be a need for resources from aboard or resources taken on board be intensively trained abroad.

It would be a research and development center with the capability of commercial AI application delivery. The model of DeepMind type institution in the making. Even thought often mentioned, the low hanging fruits would give the first few successes needs to be reiterated . Specific short term intensive projects and time bound delivery based on open AI tools and best of the Machine Learning methods can kickstart this organisation in a true manner. It would then blossom into the AI engine of the nation.


Sanjay Sahay

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