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Dream Big. Period. This was a war cry given to transform one’s lives and that of the society /nation. Now it is being repeated by all in advisory roles; parents, teachers, policy makers, economists, thinkers et all who the society looks up to provide a magic wand. Dreaming is one thing we have indulged in and it will be indulged in liberally in future as well. Easy job. What happened to those dreams and why they don’t transpire is the million dollar question? One or two may happen but not on a large scale.

Big Dreams are pretty simple: become a raving success in any field inclusive of sport or make tonnes of money or gain political or bureaucratic position to make an impact / monumental changes. Have we ever tried to find the ones who have achieved this glory even partially; as to what they have in their DNA and the modus operandi to achieve the same. The harsh hypocrisy is that the persons who talk about dreaming big and the ones who listen to, don’t even bother to give it a thought beyond that feel good factor. The exceptions are making every sector, country and world stand on its feet and reckon their contribution.

The simple differentiation is of a student who scores 35% and the one who scores 99%. This is a simple analogy and that success is not as simple and not a one shot game. The success of that nature in life and keeping that way all through is the key kernel, which even the most daring don’t dare to dream. The first question is whether you even have the potential to get inspired? Or belong to the social media / razzmatazz event / sweet politically correct talking / civilised yet non performing category. This is the crisis of not able to create Big Country Dreams in every school and college.

Big Dream Success is either a problem statement or a purpose, what you intend to solve or achieve. Big Dreams which intend to wish away poverty through technology – abundance as world’s future, eduction to all- the Khan Academy way, free or easy internet to the world population, autonomous; from cars to what not, fixing democracy, AI based revolutionary supply chain etc. Lots of dream have been accomplished in the 20th / 21st century – life changing gadgets, information, communication, political consolidation – Mandela, Gandhi, Ford, Turing, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk etc – the road is not all that hazy – it has to be traversed.


Sanjay Sahay

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