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Everything grows like a jungle in this country but for the jungle. Education & health seem to be perfect examples. Regulated development as per a blueprint doesn’t happen. The well established life cycle of standards, uniformity, certification & audit does not happen. The complexity of the jungle growth associated with dependence on it makes it impossible to regulate. Cyber Security is a living example. The CCTV setup in this country follows exactly the same route.

While on the one hand CCTVs have nearly become a necessity for homes, business establishments, commercial & transportation hubs, there is no objective third party created neutral technical specifications, guidelines or certification for the same. It is vendor driven at all levels. Govt.’s also face this malaise. More often than not vendor’s specifications are downloaded & that becomes the core of the tender document. With this beginning it’s would be an uphill task to give good quality video coverage proactively & comprehensively, to all our establishments & public spaces. It’s already legally mandated in two states.

In this broadly known, complex yet untrodden space, base document National CCTV Protocol, intends to be the game changer. It’s like a Bible to its space. It would be a reference point & a knowledge repository to whosoever in need. It will help the procurer, creator, manager to perform their duties diligently& ensure that every single penny is spent well. The mindset change has to happen, where we own the Project, not it being of the vendor, for the vendor & by the vendor.

It could be an eye opener for making integrated systems happen. Creation of good quality video footage fit enough to support the best of the analytical tools for every task / issue / case, is the goal. The CCTV Project Life Cycle will be covered end to end, from the very idea to its commissioning & it’s robust functioning. The nation needs it & we have make it happen.


Sanjay Sahay

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