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We live an age of Post Truth, Fake News, undefined Stress, opinions camouflaged as facts & all around meticulously calibrated credibility. A recent phenomenon. There were nothing but facts, good or bad, performance or no performance, validation or otherwise; all learned by convention & practiced. Then can came the juggernaut of management processes, endless intermediaries called bosses, command dilution, more than fair redressal mechanisms, media diversified & diluted & everybody was looking for cover. The urge was to be known good while doing no good. This mindset decimated delivery & quality. The watertight hierarchical structure took a solid beating.

Corruption became an opinion. Clarity & finality dissipated. Its a free for all. Self appraisal was to be defended by the boss. Who was the boss nobody knows. Teachers lost the power to command. They had to act & speak whatever sounded music to the management, parents & students. Institutions & boards didn’t want to fail students. Self certification gained centre stage. Companies went ahead to provide unheard of amenities. Nothing got connected to the final deliverable.

No supervisor is ready to give an adverse work certificate. Rotten eggs are circulating between enterprises & organisations. Timings & targets are met & still the company suffers, may go of out of business too. The profits decided objective performance, what a weird situation we are in. The objectivity of facts & figures are lost & also capability to enforce. It’s fun time for all & still be called professionals & intellectuals. It’s the Kaliyuga of the professional domain.

It is high time that objectivity is brought back by force or the ugly head of mediocrity will define our professional culture. Objective facts should be given the pride of the place & whatever sacrifices it takes, has to be made. Salaries should not start looking like bribes. Stress is the name of the game in the age of cut throat competition. Size up or exit.


Sanjay Sahay

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