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We are at the crossroads of humanities, liberal arts & technology is a oft quoted statement of legendary Steve Jobs.  Interdisciplinary & multidisciplinary approach to research & the endless urge to find solutions to nagging human problems is taking a new dimension today.  Models of one scientific discipline is finding its way into live research of the other. Biological neural network has long fascinated laymen & scientists alike.  The understating of neural networks provides immense understanding in the complex functioning of the human brain,opening up immense possibilities in diverse fields.

Path breaking research by Warden McCulloch & Walter Pitts created a computational model for neural networks based on mathematics & algorithms called threshold logic.  The research could be split into one focussed on biological processes of the brain & other focused on its application to artificial intelligence.  This propelled research in artificial neural networks is at the core of deep learning, a branch of machine learning.  Like other machine learning tools, neural networks solves variety of tasks, pathbreaking in computer vision & speech recognition.

The rule based programming method has its limitations, day numbered, given the nature of computational problems world is faced with.  The goal is that the artificial neural networks solve the problems the way humans do.  Undeniably, several neural network categories are more abstract.  The capability of these networks & the cognitive computing which emanates out of it defines our existence today.

All the simultaneous processes finally converge in artificial intelligence; the capability of the machine to learn, perceive & react for the benefit of mankind, is the final takeaway for the world.  Artificial intelligence is slowly getting enmeshed in our lives & man machine symbiosis would be the final output.


Sanjay Sahay

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