NON EXPERT PUBLIC SPEAKERS – The challenge is within.

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NON EXPERT PUBLIC SPEAKERS – the challenge is within. 

 An expert is a professional.  For his pre-eminence in his field he is invited to speak in professional and public forums.  His job is neatly cut out and he performs his public speaking assignment professionally and effectively.  The back end knowledge and expertise remains the same.  On the other side of the spectrum are non-experts who hold sway of most of the public domain public speaking  and can make immense difference to the public discourse and narrative in numerous areas of our existence.

 The heart of public speaking is to articulate your thoughts and feelings in a narrative ideally suited to the context.  The expert has his neatly defined story.  The non-expert has to create his own.  This is the problem statement.  This is the challenge . Preparation is the key otherwise you will fall in the trap.

 Got stuck in this logjam  you would request for a  written speech  which would be forthcoming more often than not. What you end up doing is reading it, might be at times not even comprehending it. With no facial expressions and hurry to finish,  the speaker and the audience are literally at a communication stalemate.  The speech gets over and with whatsoever no communication made.  Both the speaker and the audience are at a loss as to what had transpired.

 If the alternate approach is taken the speech then degenerates into being too generic, sweet nothings and good wishes,  which is certainly not worth the effort of either the speaker, host or the audience.  This is what most of our pubic domain speeches are made of. The value add of jumbled facts and figures are thrown in at times.

The capability of the non expert speaker  to connect to wide range of subjects  based on his knowledge repository and  connect it to the public domain is the success .


Sanjay Sahay


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