BONDING – An unfailing approach.

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BONDING – An unfailing approach. 

 Professionalism, so to say, in official relationships, has taken the conscience out of it.  Most iconic companies can boast of the bonding their founders had, from the original garage company HP to the likes of Google today. Bonding amongst the top management, both as a group or interpersonal, generally makes or mars the prospects of a company.  Sharing the same thought process leads to bonding; unison of mind precedes seamless tangible business operations .

 Bonding implies interpersonal relationship, also a web of interpersonal relationships throughout the company and between sub entities . The business entity thus gets bonded as one entity on a seamless interaction of human beings who understand and respect each other and have the clarity of the business, which they are eager to achieve.  The urge to deliver and the sense of belonging emanates out of this process of bonding,  which is ongoing endlessly providing the  unfailing human and social support   to the business entity and its goal.

Motivation based on monetary and other benefits is of a very limited value. Its a stunted thinking that human mind can be bought and sold and that  human feelings are directly proportional to the package and the perks . Business history of the day proves it otherwise. Most great products have been created out of excellent teams based on interpersonal and group bonding.

 Cut and dry professional relationships  to deliver numerical and financial targets and classes on organisational behaviour have  literally created non human business entities,  working overtime with  unlimited stress and strain  to achieve its deliverables.

 Interpersonal relationships culminating in one of its kind bonding leads to meaningful business relationships  paving way for the famed team spirit which great sporting teams have been known for.


    Sanjay Sahay


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