DEMOCRACIES – ln search of an agenda!

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DEMOCRACIES – ln search of an agenda!

The onset of  democratic governments  at the culmination of democratic movements of different types and scale in different nations, marks the beginning of a governance mechanism, which is self sustaining and correctional.  It’s evolution was its authentication.  It had  an universal agenda  or so we presumed,  contemporary history is out to prove it otherwise.

The unwritten sacred bond was that the  representatives  would come with a  democratic mindset and grooming  and thus would take to  democratic governance as fish takes to water.  There are two components of this  representatives fraternity , the  political executive  and the  law makers.  For legislative matters lawmakers includes the whole of political executive. Their capabilities in both these tasks have into criticism in large number of democracies.

The democratic agenda is seemingly known to us or that is what we feel, the world over. But is it known to the political executive and the lawmakers. The basic pillars of democracy are  transparency & probity,  being put under severest of threat by the elected democratic leaders themselves,  the Iraq war being its epitome and Snowden saga its nadir.

 Notwithstanding the criticality of elections to democracy it cannot be declared synonymous to a heathy democracy & healthy citizens . Standard models of education, healthcare cannot be played around with, it can only be scaled both horizontally & vertically. All critical infrastructure and services have to fall in place, scaled and improved upon.  The satisfactory availability of all Goverment services itself can herald the beginning of a New Democratic World Order.

Most agitations / protests / movements happen only get their basic democratic rights or government facilities or government wrongs.  The energy, the focus and the destination of democratic governance remains confused the world over.  The rhetoric is the winner, as always.


    Sanjay Sahay

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