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The rough and tumble of the stock market is not unknown to the world. There are lots of conceptions and misconceptions of what happens in the stock market, which are deep seated. The running sentiment is that the stock market is risky, there are no rules of the game and only luck can pull you through. Vast majority of the Indian population does not know of it and is not interested in knowing about it, however transformative it can be. Fixed deposits and public sector banks still remain supreme. Gold is also treated as a great option. Just around 12.9% percent of the investments reach the stock market. Only 2% of the Indian population invests in stocks. Though indirect investment; mutual funds have certainly increased their market share.
Knowledge is power and financial knowledge is superpower. Financial freedom emanates out of it. There is a method to every madness and there is science behind everything. Research is the key to it. Only a researcher with all his tools, acumen and perseverance can finally churn out wisdom. This is a functional wisdom, a wisdom which can deliver money relentlessly for years to come. Your money earns for you and you make it happen. One such researcher is Saurabh Mukherjea, whose pathbreaking and painstaking research has added a new meaning to the investor community, wanting to invest with utmost clarity.
Coming from a well established academic and investment pedigree and a global exposure too, after returning to India, he spent a couple of years understanding the Indian companies, stock market, economic history and where Indian businesses are positioned as of now. With these insights, all data driven, and conclusions thereupon, he was crystal clear about the economic route we have traversed so far, where we are today and what route businesses and economy would take in the days to come. We will start with final revelations of his research and practice, which  is that there are companies, whose shares are better than govt bonds in security, we will come to the returns later.
All companies in the brick and mortar business of taking care of the Indian population will keep growing at a phenomenal rate for sure a decade and much more. In his book titled Unusual Billionaires he has established facts about Indian businesses from investment point like never before. He  created a failsafe mathematical model and which has worked fine for him and his customers and will run fine for anybody else. The book details 7 of the 5000 listed companies on stock exchange, built by visionary leaders which have delivered outstanding results for a decade or more. The examples are from Asian Paints, HDFC Bank to Astral Poly. Sensex or no sensex, immune to market bull or crash, the investors can generate market beating returns by identifying such companies as named above on a simple set of metrics provided.  No shortcuts, stay put and enjoy a return of 20% and beyond.

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