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The functioning of the police and the government has been a spectacle in a state for quite some time. In a hard coded governance mechanism which has stood the test of time, the flaws which have been surfacing in the last decade or so, and getting graver by the day, can put any citizen at his wit’s end. Is the job of the citizen is to be only a voter and then keep watching soap operas day in and day out. What is common between the soap operas the sordid saga unfolding in a state is that  both these  share the same TV screen. In the social media world, it is right there in your hands day in day out, getting updated on things, you would abhor to even think of. But that is the way we have been acclimatized, we start enjoying it. When life become a soap opera, real life ceases to exist.
We had the tale of two states in a suicide case, dragging on endlessly, with barely any trajectory in place.  Robinhood’s are born in such circumstances only to disappear with the rays of the morning sun. Simple investigations are made so complex, never ever heard a suicide becoming the type of an imbroglio, it finally turned out to be. We have had best of the national agencies and forensic scientists working on it and finally so far we have not even reached, where we started from. The dust of a Robinhood settled much before it could become a smokescreen. You can pull off any narrative, if you have the crookedness to do so, in a favorable ecosystem. The general belief has become equally despicable that justice can be delivered only in this manner. Twitter hashtags cannot run the world, former President has to candidly proven.
The beauty of the whole game is, that the complexity is huge and razor’s edge too sharp, that sometimes the protagonist falls on it. Can life be a potboiler? When top cops in one city have to leave in ignominy over and over again, something has really gone amiss. If rule of law has to work, this is the right time, to put it on full public display. That the law will take its own course has brought us, where we are. In one case a private TV channel was defining the course of the law was to take and in the in present instance a party chief gives a clean chit. It seems the procedures and reporting mechanisms have to be hard coded once again. When conduct is missing, what can Code of Conduct do?
It’s only the rarest of the rare cases come to light, and it is not certainly because of the effort of any agency or the govt. Actually, it’s the other way round, it’s inspite and despite them. If it were not to happen, the world should believe everything was working hunky dory. If only the rarest come to light, what can be the extrapolation of the current state of affairs. As long as the cozy arrangement runs smoothly, everything runs fine. If that is disturbed, the laws are set in motion. From rebel legislators to floor tests to police officers looking for the law happens when you upset their applecart. The tenacity of the unwritten system, brings it back to equilibrium at the earliest, it’s just that some dramatis personae have to part.

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