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India is an extremely plentiful land till the time you don’t have to make any effort. If effort comes into consideration, even best of the payments and congenial working atmosphere cannot give you more than a handful. Social media with all its filters and zero objective third party feedback have  taken the egos to a totally different level. I always thought that the intros and the vote of thanks was just a formality, just a few moments of eulogy to catch with the normal tasks later. The compere was never serious about it. That was her job and she did it. Now it seems it is being taken so seriously that this country has become full visionaries and singhams.

Vision has been brought to the proletarian level. People have stated finding vision and passion in literally everything. It has turned into the CBSE CGPA system, which had to be dispensed with, as it could be taken further. While such experiments can be dumped even if it has meant agony of a few years, how do we dispense with this thought process? Every political leader and at times bureaucrats are labelled as visionaries and they reap full benefits of this tag in the normal times. Anyway, when it cannot be validated or otherwise, the fake becomes a reality.

When envisioning becomes so difficult even with hard data indicating towards an impending disaster, then we realize what these visionaries are made of?  This is what the current corona wave is all about. When the visionaries cannot manage the hospitals and work to the dissatisfaction of one and all, what is this vision worth. When having gone through the same tragic experience all through last year, you become a hero yet again in getting the loser’s trophy, what vision have we been talking about. It’s time we forget about vision and passion and the like instantly and get into serious management of the mess we have created. Creating larger than life image out of less than ordinary mortals has become our national pastime.

Singhams flourish in the policing landscape all across the country and so do the ignominious incidents and cases, quite a few of police’s making. While nobody can deny the existence of very good officers, these epithets come to haunt the system. Encounter specialists have already done sufficient damage. It’s time the country brings back professionalism at the center stage of our national existence. Only hands on is on, in today’s mercenary world of cut throat competition. Expertise laced with courage can only deliver. There is no silver bullet as all of us know, creating fake ones en masse can decimate us.


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