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There is trait we share, in vast measure, across sectors, that is of non-delivery. It has reached its climax at times, when the persons or agencies or enterprises concerned don’t even know what is to be delivered. There are umpteen professionals for whom the process itself is delivery. The second we are made squarely accountable for some delivery, and that too with a penal provision attached, you will rarely find any takers. The general perception is why take that headache. There are tonnes of jobs in the country which don’t have a worthwhile job description, what then can be delivered anyway. While we don’t care about the delivery, there are endless defences ready for non-delivery.

Delivery will happen only when we have factored in implement-ability. This is generally missing in most of our delivery plans. The conventional blocks are put together to deliver either much higher results or in a completely changed landscape. It’s like delivering a normal facial recognition solution, when the world is moving with the mask on. Delivery is a unison of mind first, expertise next, process further, iteration, testing and then delivery. Do we follow this delivery life cycle? How well it gets ingrained in our DNA, is the pace with which we can deliver. It’s like a serial entrepreneur, you learn to deliver whatever might be the circumstances. You would have made delivery as a full fledged skill. Whichever way delivery has to happen is a compromised delivery. It is self defeating.

A Policy without a Policy Implementation Document would be an exercise in futility. Not that the Policy is wrong but getting ahead without it, is extremely cumbersome, if not positively dangerous. The framers of the Policy should have real life implementation in mind. They are the best professionals to do that. Policy is just a vision and vision becomes a reality through a Policy Implementation Document. The one who owns the vision, can only tell us what is to be done with that vision and the tools required to transform that vision into reality. The resources have to be mandated, otherwise, it does not inspire faith of purpose. Still there would be lots to crevices to be followed, in different areas pertaining to it, the capability of a successful buy in all across, can only make it happen.

With the changing scenario, the complexities of law enforcement is different now and partial gains in momentous enactments notwithstanding, there is a need to have a Enforcement Mechanism Creation Document. Without this structure how does the law hold ground? It took years to get first few convictions in the IT Act. GDPR now in its third year is struggling to locate its mechanism. Innumerable academic / professional institutions with infrastructure unimagined till a generation back are not able to deliver. The famed private sector delivery is nowhere to be seen. Earning money is not delivery. Operations is not delivery. Creating a product and commercialising it, can be termed as product delivery for the Indian Software Industry.


Sanjay Sahay

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