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There are no winners in this war and no gainers too, but everybody gets a feeling of victory. Gain certainly happens. This is great psycho war in this country. With everything in place, everything is out of place. As things start looking fine, things go totally out of gear. When the battle is about to be won, the results go haywire. When the battle goes haywire, we get a feeling of victory. This cannot be for lack for knowledge, skills, competencies and perseverance, that we have for the requisite jobs. At the core of it is a psycho war. The battle is being fought at the mental level. The rationale and logic is beyond the comprehension of people who watch and most of the times even beyond those who are in the rink. The strategy of failure is not a strategy, but that is what they don’t realise.

The basic ingredients of the Psycho War is attitude, mindset, at times lack of purposeful education, vested agenda, making a fast buck or name and proving one’s merit at fooling people. All sides need to have the same traits. The never say never die attitude to maintain these traits, whatever come may. An (alleged) suicide becomes a social media event. Everybody gets onto the bandwagon. A good investigator would have been enough. Who manipulates whom nobody knows. But for actually doing what should be done, everything else happens. Mandatory timelines for a few heinous cases does not get extrapolated to other cases. Investigators, timelines, truth – is this the way to go about it. All stakeholders are fighting different wars.

They always fight the same war, a psychological war to their advantage , whosoever might be the punching bag. Tomorrow if there is a similar issue, the same Roman drama would be enacted. Everybody is right in this game because nobody is right. The rules of the game is not what you see. The unseen is the rule etched is stone. The registration of a case, delay, procrastination, long wait for the officer, the sections invoked, the settling of the jurisdiction issue etc certainly have created more of bad blood than the investigations themselves. We see the same standard battles on the talk shows, nobody gets wiser anyway. The people engaged in the Psycho Wars are the gainers; the TRP guys, the ideologues, the rabble rousers, the non-performers and the puppeteers.

Social Media is the main theatre of the Psycho War. Any battle anywhere is brought to this arena to be customised in the very same manner as Dilip Chhabria cars. You can never be able to make out the original manufacturer. Heros and issues are created or rubbished making the non-real the real narrative. Are these Opium Wars of the modern times? However much we talk, the issues remain the same; education, career, lack for growth, joblessness, hunger and death. These are COVID-19 times, there is no scope for Psycho Wars, but has it stopped. The sordid saga of Facebook and Cambridge Analytica is more venomous in real life. Make a life out of your life.


Sanjay Sahay

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